• Tiling professionals are increasingly requested to work with large format tiles and porcelain slabs

    Are large format tiles harder to install? Laying ten large tiles is much easier because you only must do a little measuring and placing. Smaller tiles, on the other hand, require you to repeat the same process over and over for a considerable amount of time. Bigger tiles...
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  • Application of The YG1689 electric vacuum suction cup

    Vacuum lifters are types of lifting equipment that incorporate a vacuum as or as part of the lifting mechanism. They consist of a below-the-hook frame with a large vacuum pad or several smaller suction cups for grabbing large sheets, rolls, plates, or other smooth-surfac...
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  • About YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter

    YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter is a cordless suction cup lifting device that operates using an electric vacuum pump to achieve a high level of suction, securing it to almost any surface. It works on rough, porous and even wet surfaces. It is particularly useful when fixin...
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